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Interviewed by TG R Piedmont

By 30 December 2022February 13th, 2023No Comments

“Home and shop” is the theme of the in-depth analysis of TG R Piemonte which has seen us as protagonists: a metaphor that we represent in a concrete way. Matia’s is a story that comes from the border with Switzerland, in the Ossola mountains, where the sun disappears for two months a year.

A story of a family business and a country. We are in Anzola, where MATIA was founded in the 1970s, a textile company which today employs a third of the inhabitants of the municipality, but which starts from a home sewing machine.

Today it is in the hands of the founder’s sons, Gianni and Maurizio Monti, but his grandchildren already work there too.

For the interview: CLICK HERE.